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Reigning from Zion

Following his Resurrection, Jesus began his reign from the messianic throne on “Zion,” as prophesied by David – Psalm 2:6-9 .  According to the Psalmist, the “ son ” will be anointed to reign on the throne of David “ on Mount Zion … my holy mount .” As attested in the New Testament, that king is none other than Jesus, and his reign began following his resurrection and ascension. Ever since he has been extending his sovereignty to the “ uttermost parts of the earth ” - [ Matterhorn - Photo by Nikolai Kramer on Unsplash ].

Transitory Powers

Only Christ’s kingdom will prevail and endure. All other political powers are fleeting and already are “passing away.”  Despite human pretensions, history demonstrates the impermanence of political power. Rome may have endured for a thousand years, but its empire fell all the same. Like life itself, political power and imperial ambitions are fleeting, and they often collapse quickly and unexpectedly. Its allotted time expires - [ Photo by Herbert Goetsch on Unsplash ].

All Authority

The New Testament applies messianic promises from the Psalms to the present reign of Jesus. Already he possesses all authority .  According to the New Testament, Jesus has reigned as sovereign over the Cosmos ever following his death and resurrection. Already he reigns on the messianic throne of David. He himself declared this to his disciples after his resurrection. Because of his obedience to death, God raised him from the dead and installed him on His right side where he now reigns over all the earth - [ Ruling the Cosmos - Photo by Josh Gordon on Unsplash ].

Jesus Reigns

The reign of Jesus began with his exaltation to the messianic throne after his Death and Resurrection – Psalms 110:1 . The New Testament links the enthronement of Jesus to his death and resurrection, using key messianic texts from the Hebrew Bible. He achieved the authority to rule because of his faithful obedience unto death. God vindicated His Son by raising him from the dead and seating him “ at His right hand ,” where he now reigns supreme over all things - [ Chess king - Photo by  ᴊᴀᴄʜʏᴍ ᴍɪᴄʜᴀʟ  on Unsplash ].