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Once For All

The Letter to the Hebrews highlights several aspects of the Son of God, especially his priesthood and sacrificial death. In doing so, the stress falls on the permanence of his priestly office, and the non-repeatable nature of his sacrifice. In his death, he “ achieved the purification of sins ,” and therefore, he now intercedes “ forevermore ” for his people as their faithful and sympathetic High Priest. Moreover, his unique sacrifice dealt with sin permanently, “ once-for-all .”

Then He Sat Down

Jesus is the Son whom God appointed as our merciful and faithful High Priest after his suffering, death, and resurrection.  A key theme in the Letter to the Hebrews is the elevation of Jesus to the office of the High Priest because of his obedience “ unto death .” In his sufferings, he was “ perfected ,” and in his resurrection, God vindicated his sacrifice when he “ sat down ” at the “ right hand of the Majesty on High .” There, he now intercedes on behalf of his “ brethren .” The stress is not on his status as the Royal Son, as true as that is, but instead on his priestly position and ministry.