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His Name is Jesus!

In Matthew’s Gospel, an angel informed Joseph that the child Mary is carrying is “ begotten of the Holy Spirit ,” and he instructed him to name the child ‘Jesus’ - “ Call his name Jesus, FOR HE WILL SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS .” This name links him to the saving act of God for His people. When his name is spelled ‘ Jesus ,’ it is an anglicized form of the Aramaic name ‘ Yeshua ,’ the shortened form of the older Hebrew name ‘ Ye-hoshua .’

The Son of David

The  Gospel of Matthew  calls Jesus the “ son of David .” In his life story, he demonstrates what it means to be the King of Israel and the royal “ Son of God .” Traditionally, this last designation is linked to the House of David; but in Matthew’s account, the old understanding of what it means to be the Messiah is altered radically. The Greater “ Son of David ” is far more than the Ruler of Israel and the nations, he is a King of a very different kind.

The Son of Abraham

The introduction to the  Gospel of Matthew  declares that Jesus is the “ son of Abraham .” This is much more than another name on a genealogical list. It is a declaration that Jesus of Nazareth is the heir of the Covenant promises made by the God of Israel to the Patriarch. Moreover, the identification of him as Abraham’s “ son ” and heir points to the  THEME OF FULFILLMENT  that dominates Matthew. In Jesus, all the promises of God find their “ Yea, and Amen ”!