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  1. Hope for All Nations - {PDF Copy- (The Gospel of the Kingdom of God announced by Jesus is a message of hope for men and women of all nations)
  2. The Message and Hope of the Gospel - {PDF Copy- (Jesus summoned his disciples to proclaim the Good News of the kingdom in every inhabited corner of the earth before his return in glory)
  3. Both Jew and Greek - {PDF Copy- (The equality of Jew and Gentile before God is a key theme throughout Romans – both stand or fall on the same basis  Romans 1:15-16)
  4. The True Seed of Abraham - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus in the true “seed” of Abraham, the heir of the covenant promises, and participation in the inheritance is based on faith, not D.N.A.)
  5. Blessing to the Nations - In Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (The covenant promise to “bless all nations” in Abraham finds its fulfillment in Jesus, the true “seed of Abraham”)
  6. Heir of the World - Abraham - {PDF Copy} - (According to the Book of Romans, the land promise to Abraham encompassed the entire world, not just the land of Canaan  Romans 4:13)
  7. All are Heirs in Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (Returning to the custodianship of the Law means rebuilding the wall between Jew and Gentile, but “you are all one in Christ”  Galatians 3:26-29)
  8. The Inheritance of Abraham - {PDF Copy} - (In Jesus, the original and limited land promise to Abraham is transformed to encompass the entire creation – 2 Peter 3:10-14)
  9. Future Glory - Resurrection - {PDF Copy} - (The Apostle Paul links the bodily Resurrection of the saints with the New Creation. The promised redemption includes both – Romans 8:1-23)
  1. The Mission of the Church - {PDF Copy- (The mission of the church between now and the return of Jesus is to announce the Good News of his Kingdom to all nations – Matthew 24:14)
  2. Kingdom of God or Christendom? - {PDF Copy- (The deception of ‘Christendom’ is the attempt to invoke God and Jesus to validate national institutions, political ideologies, and cultural values)
  3. The Key Sign of the End of the Age - {PDF Copy- (Matthew 24:14 - Jesus declared, definitively, that the “end” will not come until “this gospel of the kingdom of God is proclaimed to all nations”)
Mountain Sunrise Photo by Mary Pokatova on Unsplash
Mountain Sunrise by Mary Pokatova on Unsplash

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