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  1. Forgotten Christian Hope - {PDF Copy} - (Central to the hope of the early church was the bodily resurrection of the dead at the return of Jesus)
  2. Sin, Death, Gospel, Resurrection - {PDF Copy} - (In Romans, Paul presents his gospel from humanity's plight due to sin to the resurrection of the dead and the New Creation)
  3. The Death of Death - {PDF Copy} - (The arrival of Jesus at the end of the age will mean the termination of the Last Enemy - Death)
  4. Future Glory - Resurrection - {PDF Copy} - (The Apostle Paul links the bodily Resurrection of the saints with the New Creation. The promised redemption includes both – Romans 8:1-23)
  5. Firstborn of the Dead - {PDF Copy} - (In Colossians, Paul emphasized the exalted position of Jesus that resulted from his death and resurrection)
  6. The Dead in Christ - {PDF Copy} - (Paul reassures the Thessalonians regarding the participation of dead saints in the arrival of Jesus from heaven)
  7. Sorrow Not - {PDF Copy} - (Foundational to the hope of the church is the bodily resurrection of believers that will take place when Jesus arrives from heaven)
  8. Everlasting Glory - {PDF Copy} - (Paul reminded Timothy of Christ’s resurrection since false teachers were denying the future resurrection)
  9. Perfection in Resurrection - {PDF Copy} - (Paul expressed his goal of going on to perfection, a process that will culminate in our physical resurrection when Jesus returns)
  10. Inheritance of Abraham - {PDF Copy} - (In Jesus, the original land promised to Abraham is transformed to encompass the entire creation – 2 Peter 3:10-14)

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