Last Days


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  1. The Day of the Lord - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus will arrive and gather his people on the day of the Lord, and in the New Testament, this event becomes the Day of Christ)
  2. The Season is Here - {PDF Copy} - (In Revelation, the period known as the last days began following the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth)
  3. Pentecost and the Last Days - {PDF Copy- (The outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost signaled the arrival of the last days, the era of fulfillment)
  4. These Last Days - {PDF Copy} - (The era of the Levitical priesthood terminated with the arrival of the word of God spoken in His Son)
  5. In the Last Days - {PDF Copy} - (The outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost signaled the arrival of the “last days,” just as prophesied by the prophet Joel)
  6. The Ends of the Ages - {PDF Copy} - (In several ways, Paul coordinates the commencement of the last days with the Death and Resurrection of Jesus)
  7. The People of the Last Days - {PDF Copy} - (The church is the battlefield where the final war is being waged between the Lamb and the Ancient Serpent, Satan)
  8. This Evil Age - {PDF Copy} - (The death of Jesus inaugurated the messianic age with consequent changes in the status of the Law and God’s people)

  1. Proclaiming Another Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus remains the “slain Lamb,” and he fulfills the messianic role of the Lion of Judah who redeems his people through his sacrificial death)
  2. The Great Falling Away - {PDF Copy} - (Paul warns of the coming apostasy and links it to the coming man of lawlessness, the Son of Destruction)
  3. The Coming Storm - {PDF Copy} - (The New Testament warns of a future apostasy caused by deceivers that will precede the day of the Lord)
  4. In the Churches - {PDF Copy} - (John labels false teachers in the church as antichrists, and their deceptive teachings confirm that the last days have commenced)
  5. Many Deceivers - {PDF Copy} - (Christ’s Olivet Discourse opens with a warning about the many deceivers who will propagate false expectations about the end)
  6. Abide in Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (The presence of false teachers in the church demonstrates that we are in the last days, and therefore, it behooves believers to abide in Christ)

  1. His Arrival - {PDF Copy} - (The arrival of Jesus will mean the resurrection of the dead, the commencement of the New Creation, and the final judgment)
  2. Final Note - {PDF Copy} - (The arrival of Jesus will mark the end of the present order and the commencement of the age to come and the New Creation)
  3. Then Comes the End - {PDF Copy} - (The arrival of Jesus in glory will be an event of great victory and finality that ushers in the age to come and final salvation)
  4. The Sign of the End - {PDF Copy} - (The end will not come until this gospel of the kingdom of God is proclaimed to all nations)
  5. Coming on the Clouds - {PDF Copy- (The whole earth will see the Son of Man arriving on the clouds when he gathers his elect to himself)
  6. The Day of Christ - {PDF Copy} - (The return of Jesus will be the “Day of the Lord” when the dead are raised, the wicked are judged, and death will cease)
  7. Hastening That Day - {PDF Copy} - (In the interim between Christ’s ascension and return, God has granted humanity the opportunity to repent)
  8. The Dead in Christ - {PDF Copy} - (Paul reassures the Thessalonians regarding the participation of dead saints in the arrival of Jesus from heaven)
  9. The Death of Death - {PDF Copy} - (The arrival of Jesus at the end of the age will mean the termination of the Last Enemy - Death)
  10. Future Glory - Resurrection - {PDF Copy} - (Paul links the bodily resurrection of believers to the New Creation since both are integral to the promised redemption)
  11. Days of Noah - {PDF Copy} - (Just as the unprepared were destroyed by the Flood, so unrepentant men and apostates will be overtaken by destruction when Jesus returns)


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