Final Note

The arrival of Jesus will mark the end of the present order and the commencement of the age to come and the New Creation .  Jesus will return at the “ end ” of the present age in great power and glory. His “ arrival ” will result in the judgment of the ungodly, the resurrection and vindication of the righteous, the New Creation, and the termination of death – Thus, it will be an  event of great finality .

This Evil Age

The death of Jesus inaugurated the messianic age with consequent changes in the status of the Law and God’s people .  In  Galatians , Paul declares that his apostleship originates from the same God who raised Jesus from the dead, the Messiah who gave his life to “ deliver us from this evil age .” His declaration anticipates his proposition that the arrival of Jesus changed the status of the Law for the covenant community.

People of the Last Days

The church is the battlefield where the final war is being waged between the Lamb and the Ancient Serpent, Satan . The book of  Revelation  is addressed to seven first-century churches in Asia, and it deals with their real-life situation and trials. In the process, it presents messages relevant to all churches throughout the present age. Their daily struggles are a microcosm of the cosmic battle between Jesus and the “ Dragon .”

The Ends of the Ages

In several ways, Paul coordinates the commencement of the “last days” with the Death and Resurrection of Jesus . The Apostle links the start of the “ last days ” with the death and resurrection of the Son of God. The time of fulfillment has arrived, and all God’s promises now find their “ yea and amen ” in him. “ In these last days ,” God has “ spoken ” His definitive “ word ” in His Son.

Kingdom Herald

Victorious over the Devil and empowered by the Spirit, Jesus appears in Galilee of the Nations to proclaim the Kingdom .  After his baptism , the Spirit “ drove Jesus into the wilderness … forty days and nights . ” Like Israel , he was “ tested ” by Satan. But unlike th at nation, he overcame every test and emerged victorious and “ full of the Holy Spirit .” He was well-equipped to proclaim the kingdom.

Who is this Man?

In Mark, no one recognizes who Jesus is except the demons that he exorcises. Only in his death on a Roman cross is his identity understood .  The disciples witnessed Jesus heal the sick, exorcise demons, forgive sins, and even calm a violent storm - all done with great authority. Yet rather than faith in the Son of God, his miracles produced confusion, fear, and the question – “ Who is this man ? ”

Salvation of Yahweh

The name ‘Jesus’ means “salvation of Yahweh,” for, in him, the salvation promised to Ancient Israel has arrived in all its glory .  An angel appeared to Joseph and informed him that Mary was with child “ begotten of the Holy Spirit .” He instructed him to name the child “ Jesus .” That name was and is most appropriate. As the angel himself declared, “ he will save his people from their sins .”