The Living Word

The gospel of  John  identifies Jesus as the  Logos , the “ word ” by which God made all things, a key theme that is explicated in the body of the book. In doing so, John does not engage in metaphysical speculation but builds on traditional ideas from the Hebrew Bible about how Yahweh created the universe and gave life through His spoken word.

From Shadow to Substance

In its eighth chapter, Hebrews highlights the incomparable benefits believers have received in the New Covenant inaugurated by Jesus. If the fulfillment of God’s promises has arrived in him, returning to the incomplete revelations of the past amounts to embracing types and “ shadows ” rather than the substance and reality that God has provided in His Son.

Abide in Jesus

  In his first epistle, John declares it is  the last hour , a period elsewhere called the “ last days .” As evidence of this, he points to the false teachers that are disrupting his churches. They are products of the “ spirit of antichrist ” that is active already in the world. And these deceivers are forerunners of the final “ Antichrist . ”

Suffering and Discipleship

For disciples, retaliation and violence are NOT appropriate reactions when persecution does occur. Rather than respond in kind, they must meet threats with humility, mercy, and love. This is what it means to “ deny yourself ” and “ take up his cross .” And while praying for one’s “enemies” is contrary to the “ wisdom of this age ,” it epitomizes the paradigm of Christ crucified.

The Merciful are Blessed

The reality of persecution raises important questions. How should disciples react to hostility and opposition, especially when they are persecuted by the government? Should they resort to indignation, civil disobedience, and public protests, or ought disciples of Jesus emulate his example?

Wrath Revealed

In Romans , Paul details the gospel, and declares it is the “ power of God for salvation .” Due to humanity’s sin, two forces are at work - righteousness and wrath. In his Son, God has provided the solution to mankind’s desperate plight, one that is available to all men through the “ faith of Jesus Christ .”

The Gospel according to Paul

In Romans , Paul presents his most detailed explanation of the gospel. He is dealing with conflicts between Gentiles and Jews in the church, and he is preparing the ground for taking the gospel to the west. In the process, he addresses several related topics, including death, redemption, the Law, resurrection, and the New Creation. He begins by describing the plight of humanity that resulted from sin, then he presents the solution provided by God through His son, Jesus Christ.