In Galilee

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  1. Introduction to the Gospel of Mark - {PDF Copy} - (A brief overview of the history and structure of Mark's gospel account)
  2. The Commencement of the Good News of the Kingdom - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:1-3 - The announcement of the good news of the kingdom of God began following Christ's baptism in the River Jordan)
  3. John - The Voice in the Wilderness - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:4-8 - John the Baptist came in the spirit of Elijah to prepare the way for God's Messiah)
  4. Satan, Temptation and the Spirit - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:9-13 - Jesus is driven into the Wilderness by the Spirit - He succeeds where Israel failed)
  5. Arrest, Proclamation, Fulfillment - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:14-15 - The arrest of John the Baptist marked the beginning of the preaching ministry of Jesus)
  6. Four Fishermen Summoned - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:16-20 - In Galilee, Jesus summoned four men to leave their livelihoods and become his followers)
  7. His Authority over Demons - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:21-28 - As the Son of Man, even demons were subject to his authority)
  8. His Authority over Disease - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:29-39 - Jesus demonstrated his messianic authority over disease)
  9. His Authority over Ritual Purity  - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:40-45 - The touch of Jesus cleanses a leper from ritual uncleanness apart from the required Levitical rites)
  10. His Authority to Forgive Sins - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 2:1-12 - Jesus heals a paralytic and, thereby, demonstrates the authority of the Son of Man to discharge sins)
  11. A Tax-Collector is Summoned - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 2:13-17 - The theme of forgiveness links the call of a tax collector to the preceding story of Christ’s authority to discharge sins)
  12. Authority over the Sabbath Day - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 2:23-3:6 - Jesus responded to Jewish leaders upset with his looseness about the Sabbath by demonstrating that he is Lord of the “Sabbath Day")
  13. Crowds Press while Demons Proclaim Him the Son of God - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 3:7-12 - The crowds welcomed Jesus because of his miracles, but only the demons recognized who he was – the Son of God)
  14. Twelve Disciples Appointed - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 3:13-21 - Jesus chooses his Twelve Disciples from among a larger group of followers, including two surprising candidates)
  15. The Unpardonable Sin - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 3:22-34 - A line is crossed when what God’s Spirit is doing in Jesus is attributed to Satan)
  16. Parable of the Sower - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:1-20 - The parable pictures the Son of Man as he sows the “seed” of the gospel in the world where it grows until the final harvest)
  17. Kingdom Parables - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:21-34 - Jesus taught several parables about the kingdom of God, its unexpected ways of expansion, and its status in the world)
  18. Authority over the Sea - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:35-41 - Despite a tremendous miracle, the calming a tempest, the disciples fail to recognize the Son of Man)
  19. Who is this Man? - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:41 - During his ministry, no one recognized Jesus except the demons cast out by him. Only in his sacrificial death can his identity and messiahship be understood)
  20. A Demoniac Delivered in Gentile Territory - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 5:1-20 -  Jesus delivers a demonized Gentile while traveling through hostile territory)
  21. Two Women Restored to Wholeness - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 5:21-43 - Jesus healed two women and restored both to states of ritual purity)
  22. Rejected in Nazareth - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 6:1-6 - Despite his miraculous deeds, Christ’s hometown rejected his ministry and took offense at his humble origins)
  23. The Cost of Discipleship - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 6:7-30 - To be a disciple means to take up one’s own cross and follow in his steps no matter where they lead)
  24. His Miraculous Witness to Israel - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 6:31-56 - The feeding of 5,000 men was a spectacular witness to Israel by her Messiah; nevertheless, most Jews refused to accept Jesus)
  25. Jesus Confronts Added Human Tradition - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 7:1-23 - With the arrival of the Son of Man, old regulations and rituals begin to lose their relevance)
  26. Sign Seeking and Spiritual Dullness - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 8:1-21 - The gospel accounts highlight the unbelief behind the inability of his opponents and disciples to perceive just who Jesus is)
  27. A Blind Man "Saved" on the Way to Jerusalem - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 8:22-26 - A blind man’s eyes are opened and the man "saved" as Jesus continued on his "way" to Jerusalem)
  28. Whosoever will Follow Me - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 8:27-38 - After Jesus healed a blind man, for a fleeting moment, the eyes of Peter were opened to "see" just Who Jesus was)
  29. His Suffering and Death - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 8:31 - To be the Messiah of Israel means suffering and death, though he is the promised Messiah and Lord over all things)
Galilee - Photo by Thalia Tran on Unsplash
Galilee - Photo by Thalia Tran on Unsplash

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