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Blessing Kings and Nations

The foundation of redemption in the Bible is the covenant God made with Abraham. It included the promise that “ all the Nations of the Earth would be blessed ” in the Patriarch, and that he would have innumerable descendants. His offspring would include “ Kings ” and “ Nations .”

The City Built by Jesus

The Book of Revelation concludes with an image of the immense and glorious city of “ New Jerusalem ” populated by the “ innumerable multitude ” of men and women redeemed from every nation. It represents the fulfillment of the covenant promises to Abraham of descendants, “ land ” and “ blessings to all the nations .” All this has been accomplished by the shed “ blood of the Lamb .” The City of God will be populated!

Ruler of Kings

In the  Book of Revelation , Jesus is called the “ Ruler of the Kings of the Earth ,” a declaration made in the  PRESENT TENSE . His present sovereignty over the Earth and its nations is based on his past death and resurrection,  NOT  on any hereditary rights, economic power, or military might. He sits on God’s Throne as the slain “ Lamb ” where he reigns over all things as the result of his submission to an unjust death.

Redeeming the Nations

The  Book of Revelation  presents us with paradoxical images and visions that do not conform to our expectations about how God works. His purpose in subjugating His enemies and judging the nations differs radically from so-called “human wisdom.” Just as his contemporaries did not understand Jesus, so we fail to comprehend the “ Slain Lamb ” and how he shepherds the nations from his Throne.